Telling the corporate story in a new way—Schlegel Villages and the concept of the values and culture book

Over the last few months, we have been conducting interviews for a truly unique book that will capture the values and culture of Schlegel Villages, a mission-driven provider of long-term care and retirement services through 19 homes across Ontario.

What makes Schlegel Villages unique is that it is built on a solid values foundation and family culture that is embraced by the Schlegel family, leadership and the teams in the homes called Villages, residents and families alike. Values such as Genuine and Humble, Hardworking and Hands-on, Caring Relationships, Persistence and Passion, Positive Can-do Attitude, and Creative and Innovative have resulted in an organizational culture that differentiates Schlegel Villages at the most foundational level from any other service provider in the long-term care and retirement services sector.

When the Schlegel family approached us with the request to produce a book on their long-term care and retirement home division to be shared with new team members coming into the organization, we instantly knew that to convey the story authentically it had to be led by and structured around the core values of the organization. From this, the new concept of the values and culture book was born. Leading with the impact an organization creates, a values and culture book is a practical strategic tool for companies, franchise systems and not-for-profits to convey their core values and non-negotiable culture foundations during the onboarding process. Purposefully structured around the organizational core values and unique culture, and with engaging impact stories throughout, it helps new employees, franchisees, consultants, etc. coming into an organization understand the ‘why’ and ‘how’ behind organizational processes and behaviours.

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