Anniversary Books

Let your employees, franchisees, and community join the party and give them a reason to take pride in what they have helped you achieve.

Reflect, Engage, Renew

What better time to take stock and thank all of those who have contributed to your organization’s enduring success than a milestone anniversary? No matter whether you are a “young” or “old” company, your special anniversary provides the perfect opportunity to reflect, engage and renew: reflect on the foundational dream, people and transitions that have made your organization what it is today; engage employees, franchisees, customers, and your business and community partners; renew the values, commitment, and vision that will shape your company in the future.

Why an anniversary book?

  • Engaging your stakeholders in preparation of your anniversary book builds excitement towards your corporate anniversary among executives, franchisees, employees, and your business and community partners
  • The launch of your anniversary book at your main anniversary event makes it the perfect gift for executives, franchisees, employees, business partners and community stakeholders
  • Beyond the anniversary year, your commemorative book creates long-term value as it preserves your historical record and ongoing legacy and conveys to your stakeholders that you care about their contributions to your organization’s long-term success

The team at Historical Branding Solutions was a dream to work with. Each day our staff looked forward to hearing the latest tidbit that was uncovered during the research. An exercise like this is important not only for the external value but also for employee engagement. Our staff took great pride in learning about the company's history.

Sara McLennan
Vice President Marketing and Broker Services, Gore Mutual Insurance Company

A collaborative process

Our well-honed, non-intrusive process gets the info we need quickly. We keep you involved every step of the way through research, writing and design to make sure that you are always in control of the outcome.

  • Step One

    We sit down with you and your team to gather the stories and the facts that are integral to your ongoing success.

  • Step Two

    We access archives and other sources and research the background and contexts that correspond with your story.

  • Step Three

    We craft your story into a contextually rich narrative that inspires, engages, and entertains the reader.

  • Step Four

    We blend your story with images and a design that is true to you and your brand.

  • Step Five

    We review your story with you, making changes to the content and design along the way.

  • Step Six

    We print and bind your state-of-the-art corporate history book in North America using the finest materials and finishes and applying the most sophisticated processes.

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