People. Products. Passion.— Commemorative anniversary book tells the story of Samco Machinery over the course of five decades

We are happy to share that another exceptional anniversary book project has been completed. On October 5, books were delivered to Samco Machinery to assist this wonderful client in the celebration of their 50th corporate anniversary. The official book launch, celebrated by the entire Samco community, included founder Joe Repovs and second-generation CEO and President Bob Repovs signing books for their employees.

The story of Samco Machinery, referred to by Joe Repovs as ‘The Great Journey’, is a story of a small manufacturing company founded in 1972 evolving into an industry leader and global innovator in rollforming and value-added solutions over the course of five decades. It is a story of perseverance, continuous innovation, and of building long-term relationships with business partners, customers, and employees.

When we started the project, the world was in the grip of the Covid-19 pandemic. This mandated that all interviews were to be conducted via video conference. As we interviewed founder Joe Repovs, second generation President and CEO Bob Repovs, members of the Repovs family, employees, business partners and customers, the story of Samco emerged. Early in the process, we realized that Samco is a value-driven business that has been shaped by two generations of Repovs family entrepreneurs who share the same values yet adhere to their own unique approaches and business philosophies. The realization led to the creation of separate chapters exploring in detail the business philosophy and leadership style of father and son. Continuous innovation is the common thread weaving through the Samco story. This made it imperative to fully develop this theme by identifying innovation milestones and following continuous improvement patterns over the course of 50 years. The design approach chosen by Lesley Warren and the design team reflects the celebratory nature of the book: the Samco brand colours of blue and yellow, a deliberately simple yet elegant cover design, and the use of heavy 100 lb. uncoated paper stock define the sophisticated look and feel of the book while the timeline graphic titled “A Journey Through Time”, full page quotes and a great number of photographs visually represent the Repovs family’s emphasis on People, Products and Passion.

“I enjoyed the idea and process of writing a book for our 50th anniversary, while sharing the memories we have created with so many great people. Through repeated interviews with our founder, key employees, customers and vendors, all stakeholders were covered for an effective landscape of 50 years of Samco history. The way Ulli conducted the interviews through storytelling and ‘casual’ conversations made for an impactful process to capture so many great memories and highlights that could not be missed.”

Bob Repovs, President and CEO, Samco Machinery Ltd.

Thank you to the Repovs family and everyone involved in the creation of this commemorative book for giving us the opportunity to help you achieve your goals for your 50th anniversary milestone.

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