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We understand that your story is as unique as your organization. That’s why all of our solutions are customized to meet your individual needs and organizational goals. The possibilities are endless: from company history books, anniversary books, legacy books and story marketing books in various print and digital formats to engaging story content for a wide range of print and digital applications.

  • Corporate History Book

    Corporate History Book

    A book that ties together the past, present and future by conveying the foundational dream, core values, and continuing evolution of your family enterprise, corporation or not-for profit organization. Ideal for legacy preservation, corporate anniversary celebration, marketing and business promotion.

  • Anniversary Book

    Anniversary Book

    Launched during a milestone year, an anniversary book is the ideal format for family enterprises, corporations and not-for profit organization to recognize the lasting contributions of employees, customers and community partners. Make your anniversary book the center piece of your anniversary event and use it as a special gift for your stakeholders.

  • Franchisee Story Book

    Franchisee Story Book

    The ideal format for any franchise organization to recognize the significance of its franchisees to the success of the brand. In combining the story of the corporation with a compilation of the entrepreneurial stories of its franchisees, a Franchisee Story Book reinforces the ties between franchisor and franchisees. It offers the franchisor the opportunity to engage with its franchisee community at a new level, enhancing the culture and personal ties across the entire organization.

  • Legacy Book

    Legacy Book

    A book that zooms in on the life story of an entrepreneur or entrepreneurial family. Written as a biography or autobiography, a legacy book is the perfect way to honour the leaders in your organization by sharing with a broad readership the lessons they have learned from a successful life in business.

  • Foundations and Start-Up Story Book

    Foundations and Start-Up Story Book

    The ability to lead with your foundational story is crucial for the success of any start-up company. In a start-up, the entrepreneurial dream, founding purpose, and emerging values and culture are as much of a lived daily reality as the need to connect with business partners, investors, customers, and the community. Our foundations and start-up story book format is purposefully designed to enable start-ups to capitalize on the competitive advantage of still being intimately connected with their ‘why’ while staking out their space in the marketplace.

  • Values and Culture Book

    Values and Culture Book

    Leading with the impact your organization creates, a values and culture book is a practical strategic tool for companies, franchise systems and not-for-profits to convey your core values and non-negotiable culture foundations during the onboarding process. Purposefully structured around your core values and unique culture, and with engaging impact stories throughout, this is the ideal format to help new employees, franchisees, consultants, etc. coming into your business to understand the ‘why’ and ‘how’ behind your organizational processes and behaviours.

  • Story Marketing

    Story Marketing

    Our fully customized story marketing solutions include story marketing books, story infographics (print, banner and interactive digital), historical calendars, story-driven content for website design, and story compilations for use in Social Media or advertising campaigns (in print, digital and film).

  • Corporate Archives

    Under the leadership of our certified archivist, we help family enterprises, corporations and not-for profit organizations establish a corporate archive that is suited to the special needs of your organization. Existing corporate archives will benefit from our expertise in the creation of archival preservation and management plans and their implementation through protective measures, cataloging and digitizing for improved access and preservation.

a Legacy

Engage and inspire your audience with an authentic record of the vision, conviction and determination that led to your organization's success.

Corporate History Books

an Anniversary

Let your employees, franchisees, and community join the party and give them a reason to take pride in what they've helped you achieve.

Anniversary Books

your Business

People love stories; they captivate, inspire and engage on an emotional level - everything you want a great marketing piece to accomplish.

Story Branding and Marketing

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