Legacy and Company History Books

Preserve your foundational values

For you as the founder of your company, your story is the foundation of it all. It provides the answers the next generation of leadership, employees, and customers need to know to truly understand your company’s distinct culture, values, and ways of doing business. Your legacy book creates a lasting record of your foundational dream, experiences and lessons learned about successful entrepreneurship. For your family, your story is part of their story. It is as much about them as it is about you.

Honour the legacy

of those who came before you

For you as a second, third or even fourth generation business leader, going back to the founding and early days of your company is your way of connecting with and recognizing the ongoing legacy of those who came before you. Your company history book helps you preserve the unique identity of your company by providing a window to the past as a gateway to the future..

Having Dr. Frisse and Historical Branding Solutions capture our father’s legacy was a way for us to say thanks to our Dad for all he has done. What truly stands out in our minds is Dr. Frisse’s ability to tell a corporate story in the broader context of the historical developments that shaped our Dad’s life both as an entrepreneur and as a person.

John Heffner Jr. and Willy Heffner
Principals of Heffner Toyota and Heffner Lexus

Stories that are not recorded,

eventually get lost

We understand that there is never a perfect time to capture your story. After all, you’ve got a business to run. The truth is that stories that are not recorded are eventually forgotten. Without their proper context, corporate identities become sketchy, cultures lifeless and brands uninspiring.

The book grew as we looked back on all the things we felt were important and wanted included both from our family and company perspective. If you are considering documenting your history in a book, I urge you to not delay the decision. It will not be easier in the future. This book will be treasured by our family forever.

Wendell Erb, President
The Erb Group of Companies

A collaborative process

Our well-honed, non-intrusive process gets the info we need quickly. We keep you involved every step of the way through research, writing and design to make sure that you are always in control of the outcome.

  • Step One

    We sit down with you and your team to gather the stories and the facts that are integral to your ongoing success.

  • Step Two

    We access archives and other sources and research the background and contexts that correspond with your story.

  • Step Three

    We craft your story into a contextually rich narrative that inspires, engages, and entertains the reader.

  • Step Four

    We blend your story with images and a design that is true to you and your brand.

  • Step Five

    We review your story with you, making changes to the content and design along the way.

  • Step Six

    We print and bind your state-of-the-art corporate history book in North America using the finest materials and finishes and applying the most sophisticated processes.

Having Dr. Frisse and the Historical Branding team guiding us through the project with the great experience that they have made it really easy for us to enjoy the entire process.

Mike Kuntz
Vice President of Sales & Marketing KEI

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