Eggs for Life—New book by Historical Branding Solutions tells the story of Joe Hudson, the Hudson family and Burnbrae Farms

We are excited to announce the launch of Eggs for Life—Joe Hudson and the Story of Burnbrae Farms, co-authored by Dr. Frisse and members of the Hudson family. Designed as a combined entrepreneurial life, business family and family business story book, this latest HBS publication captures the entrepreneurial life journey of Joe Hudson, the Hudson family and Burnbrae Farms from the founding of the farm in 1891, through Joe Hudson starting laying hen operations in 1943, to Burnbrae evolving into the agri-business leader of national scope that it is today.

The story of Burnbrae Farms is one of ingenuity and value-driven family entrepreneurship. It is the story of 14-year-old Joe Hudson raising 50 hens on the family farm for a high school project in 1943, realizing its business potential, and, together with his father and brother, transitioning the family farm to egg laying operations. Building onto these foundations, it took vision, hard work, and entrepreneurial ingenuity to grow Burnbrae into an agri-business of national scope. The Burnbrae story is multi-dimensional—it is a story of people and relationships, deeply embedded in the agricultural environment of the family farm and the local community of Lyn, Ontario. It is also a story of geographical expansion and diversification within a highly regulated environment defined by supply management. Under second-generation family leadership today, Burnbrae is an industry leader with a strong commitment to innovation, Corporate Social Responsibility, and the local and broader community.

Thank you—Joe, Helen Anne, Mary Jean, Ted, Sue and Margaret Hudson—for this wonderful opportunity to partner with you  and your family in bringing the Burnbrae story to life.  

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