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People love stories; they captivate, inspire and engage on an emotional level — everything you want a great brand story and story marketing piece to accomplish.

Telling the real story

enhanced only by the power of historical context

The role of the people in charge of conveying your brand is increasingly evolving into that of a storyteller. Yet as consumers are continually inundated with synthetic stories, their demand for inspiring human narratives only grows.

Unlock the power of your story to distinguish yourself from competitors that sell on capabilities alone. Ensure that the stories you are using to connect with your prospective and existing customers, investors, and business and community partners are an authentic reflection of your organization. Share your story with your franchisees and employees, old and new, to help them realize the real value behind their role and contributions and, in that, enhance cohesion and effectiveness in your organization. You’ve got the story, we’ve got the tools to make it work for you!

Our book is a proud promotional piece for us. We put it in various locations around our plant to allow visitors to page through and understand who we are as an industry leader and third generation family business of 60 plus years. We also use the book in our communications with our customers. The book has become a proud showcase of our history and we enjoy providing our customers with their own copy. What better way to communicate expertise and consistent industry leadership than telling the story of how we got to where we are today?

Mike Kuntz
Vice President of Sales & Marketing, KEI

Working with Dr. Ulrich Frisse and the HBS team on Napoleon’s Art of Fire book was a very rewarding experience. The story and content was well crafted and put together and made for an outstanding marketing piece for Napoleon. We used The Art of Fire as both a gift for major dealers and distributors as well as a promotional piece for media outlets and prospective partners in retail, wholesale and cross promotional activities.

David Coulson
Global Marketing Manager, Napoleon

A collaborative process

Our well-honed, non-intrusive process gets the info we need quickly. We keep you involved every step of the way through research, writing and design to make sure that you are always in control of the outcome.

  • Step One

    We sit down with you and your team to gather the stories and the facts that are integral to your ongoing success.

  • Step Two

    We access archives and other sources and research the background and contexts that correspond with your story.

  • Step Three

    We craft your story into a contextually rich narrative that inspires, engages, and entertains the reader.

  • Step Four

    We blend your story with images and a design that is true to you and your brand.

  • Step Five

    We review your story with you, making changes to the content and design along the way.

  • Step Six

    We print and bind your state-of-the-art corporate history book in North America using the finest materials and finishes and applying the most sophisticated processes.

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