Historical Branding Solutions introduces its new foundations and start-up story book line with the launch of People. Purpose. Prosperity—The Foundational Story of Civic Federal Credit Union

Lesley Warren of Lesley Warren Design Group and Dr. Ulrich Frisse of Historical Branding Solutions were honoured to attend the meeting of the Civic Federal Credit Union Board of Directors for the launch of People. Purpose. Prosperity, the latest book authored by Dr. Frisse and designed by Lesley Warren and her incredible design team.

“It was just a great moment when the Civic Board members received personal copies of their book. As they flipped through it for the first time, they were able to see how, through their vision, dedication and perseverance, they had contributed in major ways to making the shared dream of creating North Carolina’s first fully digital Credit Union come true. Our presentation to the Civic Board was a memorable highlight in what has been a remarkable project partnership with Civic,” says Dr. Frisse.

Designed as a foundations and start-up story book, People. Purpose. Prosperity portrays the vision, processes and impact leading the 2018 creation of Civic Federal Credit Union as a wholly digital financial cooperative serving the people of North Carolina. 

The need to execute this year-long project during lockdowns and while both the Civic and HBS teams were working remotely due to the Covid-19 pandemic, prompted the HBS team to fully embrace the virtual format for interviews, on-site video shoots, as well as for content and design review sessions.  

“While we missed the face-to-face meetings that had added another personal touch to so many past projects, we quickly realized that the virtual format did not limit us at all in our ability to execute efficiently and produce quality results on a large-scale project involving interviews with over 60 client stakeholders.”

Dr. Ulrich Frisse, President and CEO Historical Branding Solutions

The outcome is an inspirational values-driven foundations and start-up story book with a people-focused design that speaks to the culture and impact created by Civic since its inception in late 2018.

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