What’s in the archives?—Virtual presentation by Dr. Ulrich Frisse provides insights into 150 years of corporate history

On June 2, 2021, as part of Historical Branding Solution’s “Economical® 150—Still Making History” project partnership with one of Canada’s leading insurance companies, Economical Insurance, HBS President Dr. Ulrich Frisse delivered a virtual presentation titled “What’s in the Archives?” to several hundred company employees. With the assistance of Carolyn Keery, Senior Specialist, Corporate Events, Integrated Marketing & Communication at Economical, Dr. Frisse shared some key findings, artefacts and engaging stories relating to the evolution of Economical into a leading Canadian insurance provider, drawing on three months of research in the Economical Archives. In his presentation, he touched on topics such as the role of women in the workforce, advancements in technology and the advent of the modern office, as well as transitions in societal attitudes and consumer patterns resulting in changes in the insurance industry. Feedback from participants ranged from ‘That was amazing’ to ‘Loved every minute!!!’ “I continue to receive wonderful feedback, so I think this built up some great excitement for the book,” says Carolyn Keery. 

“On most days when I walked into the Economical Archives, the only person I would meet that day was the security person who checked me in. After walking by rows and rows of empty desks as company employees were working from the safety of their homes due to the Covid-19 pandemic, I would spend the day by myself plowing through stacks of documents, historical photographs and articles in my pursuit of discovering the fascinating history of Economical over a century and a half. Thank you, Carolyn Keery and team, for this wonderful opportunity to share some of the fascinating insights hidden in plain sight in the Economical Archives.”

Dr. Ulrich Frisse, President and CEO, Historical Branding Solutions Inc.

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