50th Anniversary Commemorative Book – Sneak Preview of Downsview Kitchens – Family, Passion & Innovation

Chapter intro spread with the D'Uva family coat of arms from the 50th anniversary commemorative book on Downsview Kitchens by Historical Branding Solutions

With a few short weeks left until the launch of Downsview Kitchens – Family, Passion & Innovation, we are happy to share a sneak preview of yet another forthcoming company history and business anniversary commemorative book by Canadian corporate history agency, Historical Branding Solutions Inc. The distribution of this 50th anniversary commemorative book to family, employees, customers, dealers, suppliers and the community will mark the culmination of a year of celebration and remembering of people and events that continue to shape this leading manufacturer in the North American kitchen manufacturing industry. Happy 50th anniversary Downsview Kitchens!

The Downsview Kitchens Story

Mike D’Uva, a 20 year old trained cabinet maker from Italy, joined Downsview Woodworking as the company’s first employee in 1967. Within months, he became co-owner of the small business, and shortly thereafter the sole visionary leader of the now world-renowned business. The company was named after the suburb of Toronto where the 2,000 square foot shop was originally located. Under full ownership of the D’Uva family since 1980, and now occupying well over 300,000 square feet, Downsview Kitchens has evolved into a state-of-the-art custom manufacturer and industry leader in the North American kitchen industry.Today, jointly led by two generations of D’Uva family entrepreneurs, the Downsview team of over 200 employees continues to create some of the world’s finest kitchens, always remaining true to the company’s core values of integrity, craftsmanship and innovation.

The Book

Authored by Canadian company history writer Dr. Ulrich Frisse and designed by Lesley Warren Design Group, Downsview Kitchens – Family, Passion and Innovation tells the story of Mike D’Uva and Downview Kitchens going back to the family’s roots in Italy. Illustrated by state-of-the-art kitchen photography, this 50th anniversary commemorative book traces the story of Downsview in a multitude of contexts, including the D’Uva family’s business philosophy, the company’s unique culture as a family business, and the vision and values that have shaped Downsview Kitchens over the course of 50 years.