Dr. Oleksa Drachewych – Combining academic excellence with corporate history writing

The team at North America’s leading corporate history agency, Historical Branding Solutions Inc., is pleased to announce that our colleague Oleksa Drachewych has successfully defended his PhD thesis at McMaster University with a thesis titled “The Comintern and the Communist Parties of South Africa, Canada, and Australia on Questions of Imperialism, Nationality and Race, 1919-1943.”

Built on research in Canadian, American, Australian and Russian archives, the thesis is currently being developed into a book manuscript to be published with Routledge. A strong proponent of greater public engagement with historical research, Dr. Drachewych has shared some of his compelling research with Beyond Borders, The New Canadian History, and ActiveHistory.ca.

As a member of the research team at Historical Branding Solutions Inc. since 2014, Dr. Drachewych works closely with company founder Dr. Ulrich Frisse in the creation of compelling narratives for business anniversary and company history books on some of North America’s most fascinating companies.

Congratulations to a major achievement from the entire team, Dr. Drachewych!