New book project to capture and convey the inspiring entrepreneurial story of Jay Westman and Jayman BUILT

We are happy to announce our recent partnership with the Westman family and their Calgary-based company Jayman BUILT for the creation of a book that captures the entrepreneurial journey of Jay Westman and the impact the Westmans have made in the lives of homeowners in Western Canada over the course of over four decades. The story of Jayman is a story of value-driven, multi-generational family entrepreneurship, ingenuity and innovation that drives the standard for new home building in Alberta.

“We are looking forward to many exciting conversations with Jay Westman, members of the Westman family, business partners, employees past and present and community stakeholders who have contributed to the Jayman journey over the years. This new book project provides a wonderful opportunity to learn about the evolution and transitions in the builder market in Alberta from the perspective of one of its main drivers.”

Dr. Ulrich Frisse, President and CEO of Historical Branding Solutions.

About Jayman BUILT Under the leadership of Jay Westman, Calgary-based Jayman BUILT has been leading the industry in new home construction, sustainable building practices and energy efficient design in Alberta for over 40 years.

About Historical Branding Solutions

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