Heffner Toyota

  • September 1st, 2012

In their own words…
“As second generation family business owners, we deeply appreciate our father’s entrepreneurial vision and all the work and dedication he has put into building our company. Having Dr. Frisse and Historical Branding Solutions write and publish our corporate story was a way for us to say thanks to our Dad for all he has done. What truly stands out in our mind is Dr. Frisse’s ability to tell a corporate story in the broader context of historical developments. Our father came to Canada as an ethnic German immigrant from Hungary who had lived through the Second World War in Europe. Dr. Frisse’s wide knowledge of history allowed him to place our corporate story in the broader context of world developments that shaped our Dad’s life both as an entrepreneur and as a person.” (John Heffner Jr. and Willy Heffner, principals of Heffner Toyota and Heffner Lexus)

Download a sample PDF of the finished product here.