An anniversary, legacy and marketing book and related marketing material that beautifully captures the story of protection, service and strategic entrepreneurship with long-term vision that is Gore Mutual.

Gore Mutual’s Return on History

By focussing on the people that have shaped our company over the course of 175 years – from our founders’ passion for protecting Pioneer Canadians from the peril of fire, through our first traveling agent serving customers from the back of his horse, to our dedicated current employees who continue to live out their legacy of commitment, concern for our community and personal service today - Dr. Frisse and the team at Historical Branding Solutions created a record that truly conveys our values and the legacy of Gore Mutual in a tangible and inspiring way.

Sara McLennan
Vice President Marketing and Broker Services, Gore Mutual Insurance Company
The Story

When Gore Mutual approached us a year prior to the company’s 175th anniversary, we instantly realized that “Truly Canadian” would be the perfect theme for showcasing its fascinating story as Canada’s oldest continuously operating mutual insurance company. In what appeared to be a unique twist and challenge, Gore Mutual is a company with a great history, yet it is not an “old business”. To the contrary, it is dynamic, cutting edge and innovative; a company that continues to move forward as a market leader in the Canadian insurance industry.

Our Approach

With its 1839 founding date predating the birth of Canada as a modern nation by 28 years, the story of Gore Mutual is deeply embedded in the grand narrative of Canadian history. To fully capture the company in its own and wider Canadian context, we researched the Gore company archives and various community and public archives for four months. Interviews with past and present employees, board members and executives added a variety of more contemporary perspectives. Sharing our findings at various stages through employee and broker newsletters, industry publications and the media spread excitement and engaged employees, broker partners, and the community in advance of the actual anniversary. Multiple full day photo shoots with artefacts and documents from the Gore archives produced the fascinating imagery used in multiple content applications.

The Solution

Our customized comprehensive anniversary marketing and legacy package for Gore Mutual includes

  • Full authoritative 200 page annotated e-book for historical record and distribution to employees
  • 60 page, heavily branded and beautifully illustrated story marketing book that touches on the highpoints of the Gore story for distribution to brokers and the community (print)
  • anniversary calendar and corporate folder
  • content for industry publications
  • story and milestone compilation for future marketing campaigns (social media, website and print)
  • milestone infographic advertisements
  • Canada’s oldest, continuously operating mutual insurance business
  • 175th anniversary project for legacy, celebration and marketing purposes
  • Comprehensive anniversary and promotion package, including books, infographics, calendars and customized content for various company purposes
  • Special features: extensive four month archival research in various archives, multiple day photoshoots in the Gore archives to produce custom imagery; employee and community engagement throughout the project
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