Celebrating 50 Years of Caring for Canadians

A wall calendar that beautifully captures the story of visionary entrepreneurship, customer service and brand evolution that is Shoppers Drug Mart

We are proud of having been able to assist Shoppers Drug Mart in celebrating their 50th anniversary by tracing their inspiring history from founder Murray Koffler’s early vision of applying the self-serve concept to drug stores to the company’s current position as Canada’s leading drug store retailer.

Dr. Ulrich Frisse
President and Creative Director, Historical Branding Solutions
The Story

In 1941, following the untimely death of his father, Murray Koffler, at age 17 and in his last year of high school, started managing the family’s two drugstores in Toronto. After becoming a pharmacist, he pioneered the self-serve concept in the drug store business which later became the Shoppers Drug Mart standard. Today, Shoppers Drug Mart is one of Canada’s most recognized brands, with more than 1,200 stores operating in each province and two territories.

The Mandate and Solution

The Shoppers Drug Mart marketing team saw their company’s 50th anniversary as the perfect opportunity to recognize the many contributions made by associates and employees over the years. In view of tight timelines and the team’s objective to present the rich story of the company in an easily accessible format, a commemorative calendar in French and English was deemed the perfect solution. To produce the calendar content we sifted through documents and images in the Shoppers Drug Mart Archives, read annual reports, conducted interviews with various stakeholders and worked closely with the marketing team throughout the entire process. As planned, Shoppers Drug Mart distributed the calendars to Associates and employees as a ‘thank you’ for the important role they had played in the Shoppers Drug Mart success story.

  • One of the most recognized Canadian brands and leader in the self-service drug store retail market
  • Calendars in French and English for anniversary celebration and engagement of associates and employees

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