Wilmot Centre Missionary Church

A story infographic, banner and large wall feature that beautifully captures the story of faith, continuing mission and community that is Wilmot Centre Missionary Church.

The Story

In 2015, Wilmot Centre Missionary Church (WCMC) celebrated its 175th anniversary. With its 1840 founding date predating the birth of Canada as a modern nation by 27 years, the story of Wilmot Centre Missionary Church is deeply embedded in the grand narrative of Canadian history. From its founding as the first church in Wilmot Township, Ontario, Canada, WCMC has undergone many changes while staying true to its founders’ vision on being a shining light in the community.

The Mandate

The Anniversary Committee was looking for a flexible solution that would allow WCMC to share its story throughout the anniversary year in multiple ways that would engage and inspire the congregation.

The Solution

We decided to create an anniversary package that would stand out through its simplicity and high visual impact. We worked closely with the church historian and members of the anniversary committee on identifying relevant content and images. A story infographic touching on key milestones over the course of 175 years became the centerpiece of our solution. To give WCMC the flexibility they were looking for, we incorporated the story infographic into a number of different applications including a digital file for use during services, a stand-up banner, a large size wall feature and calendars to be handed out to members of the congregation.

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