Remember, Reflect, Renew

A commemorative calendar that beautifully portrays the story of faith-based commitment to people who are often marginalized that is House of Friendship

House of Friendship’s Return on History

Producing the calendar and sharing it as a gift required an investment that we believe offered good value to HOF stakeholders; we shared the calendar with guests at HOF’s Friendship Dinner in advance of the 75th year, which was perfect timing for our promotional and stewardship plans; we included the calendar in some mailings, used the calendar branding on a 75th micro-site, and continue to use it in other communication tools. Due to the aggressive timelines and the nature of the project, we knew we could only entrust HOF’s brand and story to experienced professionals. As such, working with Historical Branding and Lesley Warren Graphic Design was an easy choice. It’s a tribute to this creative team that the calendar branding continues to serve HOF after the 75th year, and that there is not a calendar to be found in the place – people snatched them up!

Christine Rier
Development Director, House of Friendship
The Story

Founded by Joseph Craemer in 1939 as a mission mainly for homeless immigrants to the Kitchener-Waterloo area from Eastern Europe, House of Friendship has developed into a comprehensive social service agency that works with people experiencing homelessness, addictions, social isolation and other related challenges.

The mandate

As House of Friendship approached its 75th anniversary year, the leadership team wanted to capture its story and legacy. As a ministry dedicated to working with marginalized groups of people and committed to being a good stewart of the resources it has been entrusted with, HOF needed a cost-effective, yet impactful tool that would allow them to share their organization’s inspiring story as a means to reach out to the community.  In discussions, it quickly became clear that a calendar would be the best fit for HOF’s brand and humble, unassuming approach. Plus, it would provide them with that tangible tool for saying thank you to donors, supporting ongoing fundraising efforts, as well as for raising awareness for the many events planned throughout the anniversary year.

The Solution

Launched at House of Friendship’s Annual Donor Appreciation event in the fall prior to the anniversary year, Remember, Reflect, Renew traces the story of House of Friendship in 12 themes, reaching from the Legacy of the Founders through the organization’s Christian faith-inspired values to House of Friendship’s many ways of building communities. As a practical resource, the calendar pages highlight key dates of events throughout the anniversary year. To emphasize the strong tie-ins with the Mennonite community we created a design that combines a tranquil colour palette with imagery presented in a pattern resembling a Mennonite quilt.  Inspiring quotes on each calendar page share insights and convey the core values of House of Friendship.

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